Kult is organic Austrian Wine

Biokult unites a group of organic winegrowers, people who take responsibility and take care of their soils with lots of passion.

The vitality of our vineyards is in the foreground to create the highest possible quality and give the wine its origin and character.
In addition to the biological method of working, as a Biokult winegrower, we focus on biodiversity in flora and fauna and maintain the microorganism.
A winegarden gets created and not a monotonous culture. Natural fertilizer, plant and soil strengthening – an original agriculture with heart and mind.

But a modern image of organic wine is also important to us. Not an old-fashioned view of a wine that is defined only by the idea of ​​organic cultivation, but elegant, fresh and characterful wines.

Wines that are bursting with life and that represent these soils. The possibility to vinify with a professional team in a functional cellar enables this unusual way. Biokult is a philosophy – uniting artisanal farmers into a common path to create honest and profound wines.

Kult is Austrian authenticity

Grüner Veltliner

The classic grape variety from Austria, which is characterized by its versatility. The fruity-spicy aromas, reminiscent of freshly ground pepper, are the typical expression of this grape variety. Floral, aromatic and yet straightforward with animating acidity and a juicy finish.

Not only great with classic Wiener Schnitzel, but also ideal with modern vegetarian dishes. Its lightness and freshness also makes it an great aperitif.

11.0%vol alcohol
1.5g/L residual sugar
6.7g/L acid


A grape variety which has a special importance in Austria. Created in the 19th century and nowadays withcult status, Zweigelt is characterized by its fruity and velvety nature, carried by an elegant freshness.

Sweet Amarillo cherries on the nose, ripe fruit on the palate, soft tannins with juicy acidity on the finish.

The wine always goes well with an Austrian “Jause” and also with hearty dishes. Incredibly flexible, not to be forgotten as a slightly chilled companion for a summer barbecue evening.

12.5%vol alcohol
1.0g/L residual sugar
5.1g/L acid


This direct pressed Zweigelt enchants with its vibrating nature. Violets on the nose, fresh wild strawberries and full of aromatic ripeness. The electrifying acid makes this rosé so diverse. Red fruits like plums or freshly picked raspberries reverberate.

Open the bottle, and enjoy the ease of being. Always suitable, whether for a weekend brunch, a birthday party or as a dry accompaniment to a fresh strawberry dessert.

11.0%vol alcohol
5.0g/L residual sugar
6.5g/L acid

Kult is living soil

It buzzes, hums and blooms: organic vineyards are a multifaceted habitat for many insects, microorganisms and yeasts. The greenery in the rows of vines turns the dreary monoculture into a diverse biotope. In addition to many typical wild plants, special green plants are sown.


Many herbs and plants grow in the vineyards of Biokult farmers. In addition to various types of clover, which promote the structure of the soil, for example, we have placed three other special natural helpers on our bottles:

The Sculpit – Grüner Veltliner

A herb that has many positive attributes, such as deep growing roots as well as a strong flowering, which attracts a large number of bees and butterflies..

The Wild Mallow – Zweigelt

This very strong wild herb is a true propagator of insects in the vineyard, the bloom of the wild mallow attracts bumblebees in particular. Wild mallow is also used in herbal medicine.


The Loosestrife – Rosé

A truly miraculous herb. With its many flowers, it contributes greatly to the proliferation of insects, but is also valued as an herbal remedy. Its hemostyptic effect gave the herb its name.


All of them help to create habitats for many beneficial organisms and a healthy ecosystem through extensive cultivation and diversity in the vineyards. You can feel this character of diversity in the Biokult wines.

Kult is minimal manipulation

This diversity and the strong character of the vineyards are of course also reflected in the grapes. Vital and diverse yeasts, enzymes and microorganisms contribute to the fact that Biokult wines are allowed to develop completely freely and without manipulation.

A completely natural and spontaneous fermentation allows the origin and the handwork in the wine to be recognized. We give the wines a lot of time and peace; we do not want to produce wines that are quickly assembled, but pure, characterful and harmonious wines.
Stabilizers, finings or strong cooling during fermentation are also omitted to give the wines a natural balance and expression.

Just Biokult – lively and organic vineyards, cultivated by passionate farmers.

Kult is passionated Farmers

Berthold & Eva Haider

A truly passionate family of organic winegrowers from the Seewinkel region. For many years, the Haider`s have been relying on organic agriculture to keep the soil alive and active. Goats and chickens give the farm another dimension.

Fleischhacker Family

Organic pioneers from the very beginning. Not only grapes, but also heirloom vegetables like pumpkin or zucchini grow on their humus-rich soils at Lake Neusiedl.

For many years now, the family has been taking responsibility and working hard for an intact cycle.

Hans Tizt

The committed organic farmer Hans Titz relies on diverse agriculture on his farm. In addition to heirloom tomatoes and peppers, the vines are cultivated with love and craftsmanship.

Bernhard Lang

Bernhard comes from a family farm and has set a goal for himself of consciously thinking holistically in order to maintain healthy soils and harvest vital grapes. He takes care of the vines with heart and soul and puts a lot of passion and knowledge into his craft.