Kult is organic Austrian Wine

biokult unites a group of organic vintners with the shared goal of producing organic wines of the highest quality – wines that embody regional identity and bring pure, natural enjoyment in the glass.

all biokult vintners are obliged to certified organic production, environmental protection, biodiversity, and the promotion of healthy soils in their vineyards. abstinence from artificial fertilizers and stabilizers guarantee unadulterated enjoyment.

under the guidance of christa grosz, bio-austria consultant and independent viticulture consultant, uwe hoffmann. angela and werner michlits took responsibility for vinification.

cooperation of this group of dedicated organic vintners has resulted in a fresh new image for organic austrian wine and an unique attractive brand.

successful sales of their organic wines sourced from high-quality fruit began with the 2005 vintage. this success was preceded by years of work on their joint project «quality improvement through organic viticulture» under the guidance of christa grosz, bio-austria consultant and independent viticulture consultant, uwe hoffmann. angela and werner michlits took responsibility for vinification.

Kult is Austrian authenticity

Grüner Veltliner

A classical and diverse variety. The fruity-spicy aroma reminiscent of freshly ground black peppercorn is its typical trademark. Fragrant, with a streamlined style and an animated palate with a juicy, melting finish.

Pairs exceptionally with Austrian food like the classical Schnitzel but also great to vegetarian dishes or simply as an aperitif.

11.0%vol alcohol
1.5g/L residual sugar
6.7g/L acid


is a red wine variety originating from a 19th century Austrian crossing. the variety has reached cult status in recent years. Ruby red with violet highlights. Sweet Amarillo cherry on the nose and melting fruit on the palate. Soft tannins, juicy acidity, and a long-lingering finish.

Accompanies pasta and classic spicy meat dishes as well as game, risotto or cheese well.

12.5%vol alcohol
1.0g/L residual sugar
5.1g/L acid


in all its charming ways. This direct-pressed Zweigelt leaves you with a stimulating aroma play. Violets, fresh strawberries and a bright aromatic. The thirst quenching acidity makes this Rose diverse and pleasuring at the same time. Red fruits and like Plum and and Raspberries in the the finish.

A great Brunch wine and in general perfect for as an aperitif. Due to its complexity the wine fits great to a Bettrott starter or Carprese, but also to a light strawberries dessert.

11.0%vol alcohol
5.0g/L residual sugar
6.5g/L acid

Kult is living soil

it buzzes, hums, chirps, and blooms: an organic vineyard offers a friendly environment for many insects, micro-organisms, and yeasts. green cover between the vine rows secure biodiversity. next to numerous wild herbs and flowers, specially selected plants are also sown.

clove varieties promote structure and assimilate nitrogen in the soil. phacelia is not only an aesthetic blooming plant; its roots loosen compact soils. green cover offers an attractive environment for earthworms and beneficial insects. intact soil is the most vital precondition for authentic wines. protecting the earth from the use of all chemicals should be a priority to hand down to future generations.

Kult is minimal manipulation

organic philosophy in the vineyard continues in winemaking. organic grapes must have a broad spectrum of natural yeast varieties. often called «wild yeasts», they are responsible for the alcoholic fermentation and ultimately lend wine their truly authentic character.

biokult wines embody typical austrian wine style: pronounced fruit paired with refreshing, harmonious acidity. this is enhanced by maturation in stainless steel and large neutral wooden casks.
current knowledge and modern methods are a necessity. chemical additives and cleaners are replaced with a focus on complete hygiene. technology is used only to protect the wine, not to alter it, thus playing only a passive role in making organic wine.

Kult is organic winegrowers

Berthold & Eva Haider

This true passionated organic winegrowers in the Seewinkel area farming since many years organic with fertile and lively soil and true hand craft to flourish grapes full of soul

The Fleischhacker Family

Organic pioneers since day one. Not just vines but also vegetables such as pumpkins are growing on their healthy soil in the are around the Neusiedlersee.

Since many years this true farmers family takes care about the soil they farm and the grapes they grow

Hans Tizt

The dedicated Farmer puts all his energy on the diversity on his organic farm. Next to the heirloom Tomatoes and Peppers he grows also the vines with much care and a lot of handwork.

Bernhard Lang

Bernhard takes care about a great tradition at his farm. Passionated winemaking from the heart. He farms not just organic but also with a lot of dedication to healthy soil and diversity in the vineyards.