kult  is an organic winegrower

hans titz farms
herbs, vines and
vegetables «it's awful
how industrial agriculture
normally is. I'd like to know
about what I consume.»

inge and
richard weiss,

«organic viticulture has been a long matter of concern. we are part-time farmer and working in the vineyards has a soothing effect!»

angelika and josef fleischhacker
   «it is enthusiastic how good organic
     farming works - most estimable are
      the healthy working conditions.»

renate waldherr & daughter sonja
vintner and representative of the bio-austria foundation. «we love to farm for nature!»

angela and werner michlits are the winemakers: «organic wines represent most authentic origin. It is a great challenge for us to continue the natural way of production in the cellar as well - winemaking and winegrowing has to be one unit!»

the peck family has
a variegated farm with
lots of animals, winegrowing
and vegetable-farming «organic
nutrition is a matter of course for us.»